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@chris McCarthy wrote:

And this time around, I would like the LAWYERS to do their job right, had THEY done so in the first place we might still be in a financial mess, but Goodsitch and others would never have had to go through years of turmoil and distress.

[i]Oh, and if you have a good lawyer, you should never have a problem with an agent, developer or bank. [/i]

Exactly! I posted something a long time ago (haven’t time to search) where I said I did not blame the agents, that is why a Lawyer is hired to oversee if all the claims are true…they should bring it together, in most cases the Lawyers were negligent.

I knew many people on the coast who were working as Agents or had set-up business as one. The majority were new to the coast, they knew nothing about areas, the law, even local gossip. They did not even speak Spanish. Some were selling during the boom and they had only been in Spain themselves for a matter of weeks. The best story I heard was when one of the TV producers working on one of those property programmes bought an off-plan whilst he was filming. He lost his deposit with a no-build.

I have never trusted an Estate Agent in any country. They perform a service, an introduction. Many buyers thought they were their new best friend….FFS they are selling It is like believing your bank when they tell you their own financial products are the best.