Reply To: British buying again????


I think the Costas are in for a rough ride for at least a few years. Only my view and not based on the various so called “financial gurus”. Wasn’t some of these the very same people who were telling us as late as 2006 to buy now and gain 30% profit on completion! As for prices, I don’t think they will fall much lower. Perhaps on the ugly urbanisations the wrong side of the toll road which were vastly over-priced off-plan. I would not call them a bargain anyway. If location, quality etc is wanted these type of properties do not fall so much, especially on the Costa.

A sort off reverse example….we wanted a bolthole in the UK. Been looking seriously since Feb. We didn’t want any house because it was cheap…we chose location first. Houses have been going within 2or 3 weeks of coming on the market. We were outbid on two. Now have one that I love, not exactly a bargain but I doubt if we would have afforded it last year. Many say that prices will continue to drop in the UK next year, they may be right….I am not bothered! we are happy with what we have bought and can use it. Same applies to Spain even in a recession many of the bargains aren’t real bargains at all in the same way a Ford is cheaper than a BMW.

At this moment in the places I know on the CDS go in at 50% below and I bet they won’t even bother to get back to you….please remember I heard all this sort of talk during the last crash in Spain.