Reply To: British buying again????


Chris M

@Advoco wrote:

God if I hear one more “green shoots” type comment from an estate agent or one of their cheerleaders, I think I’ll jump off one of those idle cranes that line the coast like war graves.

Katy is quite correct there are not so many idle cranes along the coast anymore, very few now in fact.

I read your hub Advoco, I am fine with it as far as it goes, nothing on there though that hasn’t been said easily 1,000 times or more on this site over the years, so you are bit late in the day with the view really, in fact you probably got most of your view and information from this forum.

As somebody involved agent side I don’t believe I have ever been guilty of talking the market up in an overly dramatic or inappropriate manner myself.

However, in your apocalyptic view, it appears no one should / will / can buy today, or even dream of doing so tomorrow.

I think this is naïve in my opinion, I accept what happened yesterday, frankly some people on here haven’t got a clue what is going on today, others really know their stuff and we all have our own views on what is going to happen tomorrow.

Which of us is right or wrong about tomorrow? Well again I haven’t got a clue, and nor has anyone else, we will all just have to wait and see. It is sometimes interesting, often fun and then again often also frustrating to hear the vision of tomorrow, but it is all just forum debate, we simply just don’t know.

All I try to do is highlight from time to time some of the less negative views on today’s market, and on the reaction and activity of real people in today’s market – then the who, why, what, where and how come – real people are looking and buying today.

So if I hear one more legal advisor (making a living off the back of people who are present, positive, promotionally active and upbeat about a beautiful area of the planet) if I hear another legal eagle preach and pontificate with a ‘holier than thou – after the fact view’ of the Costa when it was they and their ilk who let down thousands of people in the first place, then do please forgive me if don’t applaud when you jump off one of the few remaining cranes!

I think Angie and more than a few others have a right to say what they do, am not so sure about yourself.

And I am sorry guys, I don’t talk boom but I won’t talk all gloom either.

Whether your know it, accept it or not, there are a significant number of people buying today, they always have, they always will, and they will certainly have their own reasons for doing so, that will fly in the face of all Avoco’s reasons not to do so… that is the way of the world and all markets.

Everyone on here could write 10 reasons why not to buy, the interesting thing is to debate perhaps the 10 reasons why people DO BUY (please note, not – should buy) nope… why they have actually BOUGHT this last week, against all the advice on this august forum.

How mad were they really?

And no, I am not going to contribute or subject you further with my 10 reasons why, I will get over myself, my own rant and certainly spare everyone that.

In fact the heck with this, am going to go and get 9 holes in on the golf course! See if I can spot myself an Avoco bird jumping off any cranes.

You can all talk all the doom and gloom you like, but you won’t stop me LOVING LIFE ON THE COSTA! Nor stop people buying here either!

But seriously, if anyone thinks the whole forum would be better off I didn’t offer another view, then really just say so and I will be off.