Reply To: At last we won our case…..but?


Rob – bang on the button.

The irony is blinding – none of the purchasing of illegal builds could have taken place without the complicity/corruption of local town halls et al and the Spanish Government has been happily collecting taxes on same. Yet many Spanish moan that it’s the Brits fault buying illegal builds and they will no doubt moan now we have stopped buying them and their economy and jobs suffer as a result. The penalty of relying so much on constuction as a large part of their so-called ‘successful’ economy during those boom years.

I have just returned from a trip to Mallorca. The only conversations in the cafes amongst the Brits (even in the expensive yacht-owning ‘upmarket’ ones) were discussions about the corruption in Spain – including some horrific personal stories involving mind-blowing sums of money – and how they would never risk buying in Spain again. The Spanish should not forget even the very wealthy are not prepared to be ripped off.

Re. the recession and its effects on tourism, headlines in the island’s English newspaper stated tourist arrivals were 1.5 million down in Jan-Sept. compared to last year with businesses/hotels suffering as a result. For a very small island that is a high figure. I picked up a property magazine and saw how hideously-ordinary villas in the 2/3/4+ million euros bracket had the odd half a million or so knocked off the asking price.

So the bubble has certainly burst there, though the island must get a mind-blowing income from mooring fees from all the multi-million euro super yachts parked in the marinas, especially in Palma. Strange though that despite being September and super weather, none of them actually moved!

It seems Goodstich, Suzanne and others through forums like this one have certainly contributed to spreading the word re. the realities of the utter fraud (there’s no other word for it) that has been rampant in Spain, and yes Rob, you are absolutely right – “until the spanish understand the damage this is doing to their country” their current situation will not improve. The trouble is, I don’t think they ever will understand but just continue blaming the Brits for everything.

Tree, over to you and your new word ‘assumptive’.