Reply To: Spanish unemployment rate up to 18.5%



To brianc_li:
Yes!!!,…we are in a horrible crisis, but you looks a bit excited about it.
I will add a few words:
• It’s not the same the “unemployed rate”, than the “destruction of job rate”.
• Check what really means, and you will understand why in the Spain before the crisis was so big (near 10%)…in a country that for years created HALF of all the employs created in West Europe… Isn’t it curious?
• Did you know that if you want to receive government money to make a university master you should need to be unemployed. (I mean the papers).
• Last year (2008), Spain received more than 600.000 foreign workers.
• This year (2009) haven’t been decreasing the workers immigrations, what really in the actual crisis have been a shock data to the media.
• Where are these workers?.
• Why the people is unemployed don’t want some type of works?, in their situation why they do that?.
• In Cadiz (who enjoy the biggest unemployed rate of all Spain) very few people have demand the government unemployed program. To the astonishment to the government.
• How much big is the black economy?.
• Did you know that every country size it in a different way?,…if USA, for example, size the unemployed rate in the same way Spain do, will be near double…and with out the save-net of a black economy employ market, neither a so much government help.

Thinks are bad, but don’t get too excited… I just hope I have not break down your excitation.
Today the share market have drop…smile!!!