Reply To: Warning from Moneyweek!


Hi Braveheart

Welcome to SPI, I’ve just read your first post, liked it.You clearly have first hand experience of property here on the CDS unlike some posters who just post negative propaganda without actually seeing whats its like on the ground.
Yes I admit things are not good for many, but in my opinion(based on what I see and hear) things are not as bad as some would have us believe.It may well be better to rent at the moment but there is still a steady stream of people buying, you just need to visit the notarys in Fuengirola and Marbella to see whats happening.
With regard to your 300ke flat, there isn’t one unless your are in a great area in or near Marbella, if I was going to buy a 300ke flat today I would want:
At least 130 sg mtr built and 3 beds, not overlooked and private
Nice area with sea view, south west facing
At least two terraces, 50sq mtr, 1 open 1 covered
Underground parking and security, CCTV and door entry
Lovely pool and gardens
Latest kitchen and bathrooms with cream marble throughout

Anything ordinary,2b 2b advertised in 2007 at 300ke would be worth a shot at 150k today.
Someone earlier today said ‘what bargains’, I wasn’t going to post this link but I will from Inez’s web site Direct Auctions, have talked about this property before.

This property was sold at the July Auction
Reserva de Marbells, East Marbella, ok no LFO but will have with the new PGOU in October. As they say now its a no brainer.
So Braveheart, he who has the gold makes the rules.