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Hi Katy

I’m sorry to hear that you have become disillusioned with life in Spain, I suppose after spending a long time there, just as anywhere else in the world, a change is as good as rest. Maybe you could do six months there and six months in the uk, that’s my aim.

I agree with you post entirely.

A couple of points though, firstly from the ‘talk it up’ prospective, the figure for resale homes being sold in the province of Malaga was 851, this is for the second quarter of the year and is made up of 733 sales to non residents and 118 to residents, I didn’t think this figure was to bad given probably three quarters of the land mass is inhabited. More importantly though the figures represent an increase over the first quarter of 7.1% and 26.8% respectively.


Although I have bought in ‘Britain by the Sea’ we are not the expat stereotypes that will only mix with and go to English bars, We love to go up into the hills and get away from it all, visit and shop in towns miles away from the coast, we have virtually furnished our home with things bought in non expat areas, and what bargains we have had.
I have been learning Spanish for three months now, and I mean learning not playing at it like most of the expats I know, this has been really enjoyable as it’s the first formal learning Ive undertaken since I left school. I’m starting to get by now which is really satisfying.
Anyway less of the waffle, some things don’t change I am off for the

Desayuno ingles todo grande
Es correcto Katy?