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@Stevev6 wrote:

Whats your take on it then? how do you view the market on the CDS at the moment, you are well placed, you live there and have done so for many years.
I get the impression from recent posts that you have fallen out of love with the CDS and are looking to spend more time in the uk,I on the other hand have just recently become a home owner and am still understandably very pleased with my purchase.

I dont post much these days because I know I will be accused of having a vested intrest in talking the market up, however I’m certainly not wet behind the ears, sales are increasing on the CDS, without doubt.

Steve , maybe you can answer. Why did you buy on CDS and not somewhere else?

I am sure that CDS is much different (mainly in worse) thatwhat was when Katy moved there. After visiting Corfu, I can say that the lifestyle in CDS is not the usual Mediteraneean one and places I visited in CDS are mostly Britain with Sun.