Reply To: Comparison Greece(Corfu) – Spain



i have observed the forum for a few years this is my first post being an ex property owner on the cds i am glad i sold a few years ago !! yes i made a nice profit.i agree with the couple who are selling up and living it up a bit. i have noticed the various vested interests on the forum anyone in their right mind who regards a purchase of a property on the cds as an investment are out of it. does anyone know of anyone who made any money out of renting a property?.sales agents are the pits (lies come easy ) if you want to holiday in the cds rent haggle strongly on the price if you want winter long stay you will negotiate a very good deal. if you really want to buy a property do not go near the asking price do not buy offplan go and rent something in the area you want to buy,this will give you an insight about living in spain ,learn the language,make spanish friends they really are wonderful people its amazing what you can learn from them. we all love spain, the climate, the way of life,speak to people who have lived there for a long time,they will keep you right regarding lawyers etc do not listen to sales agents. remember you have the money !!
” the golden rule” those who have the gold make the rules