Reply To: Comparison Greece(Corfu) – Spain



Hi Angie,
In answer to your question, would we buy in Crete? The answer is No. We probably will never buy a foreign property now. If we were much younger, maybe, My husband retires in just under 3 years. I’ve been reading the difficulties ex-pats in Spain are having now with many returning to the UK. What a shock that’s going to be for them!
If we want a few months of sun, we would rent somewhere, then lock the door and leave without any worries at the end of the break.
We were really wanting to buy somewhere in Spain for ourselves and our children and close friends if they should ask. Not for investment, not to rent out. It just wasn’t to be, sadly.


I didn’t really go shopping in Crete, so cannot comment. Drinks etc were reasonable enough. We were lucky to be staying with friends, but we ate out everyday and it was very good value.