Reply To: Comparison Greece(Corfu) – Spain




I think a few years ago the rising prices and rent potential in Spain along with very cheap flights and the UK economy seemingly strong meant many people felt they were in a good position to buy, and if it didn’t work out they could sell easily enough and put it down to experience. The corruption/lack of regulation and justice issues were only known to a lesser degree and not thought of as such a danger. How the times have changed! It obvoiusly doesn’t add up now to buy like it did then. I think people mainly just want a few weeks a years of relaxation, being looked after, and as little hassle as possible, not a few weeks of DIY, and worrying about community issues, falling prices issues, cost of living increase issues etc etc. Those already sorted and happy will no doubt carry on much the same and a few will always buy whatever happens?, but it’s a long while since I heard anyone say they are seriously thinking of buying in Spain. We have two lots of friends who have bought in Turkey.I think that could be much the same soon? Flights are expensive, though cost of living’s very cheap. Seems to be losing its shine though?