Reply To: Credit Card debt


Hi Jordan,

I think you have done incredibly well to deal with this and get that debt down by such a large amount under the obviously challenging circumstances. It is not easy. I also think the bank has behaved disgracefully towards you. Generally, if you put in a reasonable offer, and stick to it, they would be more than happy. The continued harassment you are facing would not be acceptable in the UK and you could raise a formal complaint over it. I would be interested to know what bank this is, as they are not people I would ever wish to do business with. I would certainly cut this card up the moment you have cleared the final sum. One of the big problems with credit cards, apart from the extortionate interest rates – which have actually INCREASED while other rates have fallen to an historic low are the rip-off fees for late or returned payments. It can result in a cycle where even a small debt keeps growing at an alarming rate. The amount of chasing/harassment going on here over 245 Euros though seems extreme…

Good luck.