Reply To: Costa Blanca Prices




your posts are sounding more and more like a tacky off-plan sales brochure making false promises that very few believe. I know you want to be positive, but when the majority are saying, things might well get worse due to many problems not being addressed, and best to wait a year or two or five?, then saying ‘buy now’ does rather smack of desperation.

I have no reason to talk the market down and it gives me no pleasure seeing Spains costas in the current situation, but I do wan’t people to be very aware that how ever much homework and research is done the system still stinks, and the implementation of law and justice many take for granted is still not happening. For those happy and have no problems then that’s great, but I believe it’s very much a lottery that the government could and must improve if they want to restore confidence to get people buying in numbers required to reduce the glut of empty and unwanted property.