Reply To: Spain – The Hole in Europe´s Balance Sheet


@Peter Good wrote:

I have now read the article 3 times and it becomes more absurd each time.

This group is well known for predicting the opposite of what happens, seem to say so themselves.

It appears to be researched, drafted and written by a first year tourism student whose parents have had their holiday home repossessed.

I must say I have never seen such a dreadful paper and that includes some of my own!

This is like checking the grammar in an obituary… Or complaining about the grammar in a repossesion letter.

The (obvious) bad news is the same, whereas written by a first year tourism student or a Nobel price winner.

On the other hand I agree that potential buyers should not base their decision on reports written by potential vested interests. One should take advantage of the falling prices and the nowhere-in-sight price recovery to
make a thorough decision on where to possibly buy. I know that I have
eliminated hundreds of kilometers of coast after the 4 week visit.