Reply To: Spain – The Hole in Europe´s Balance Sheet


@Peter Good wrote:

I do wish those who have a willingness to beleive for their own gratification would just get a grip!

Mmmm…..maybe those on the other side of the fence should also learn to get a grip?

@Peter Good wrote:

It rather reminds me of how many were duped by inacurate statistics regarding rental and equity projections.

And who were guilty of doing the majority of the duping Peter?
Estate Agents, as per your profession.
We all know you don’t ‘do’ duping – I’m just trying to strike a balance here.

@you also wrote:

I find it unremarkable (!) that goodstich, or anyone who enjoys talking down the Spanish economy, immediately, and without research into the source of this document leap on the information provided”

Maybe all members need to research sources before commenting?

brianc_li – I think you have more than justified an interesting link to post here.