Reply To: Rethink, amigos?



I think Lenox is just highlighting the utter absurdity of the regional governments stance on the illegal building issue. They can blatantly turn a blind eye to the illegal monstrosity built on protected land – they wouldn’t want to rock the boat or upset the locals who have helped cause the mess – but they indiscriminately (and illegally) knock down an expat house and will not give compensation for this injustice, leaving these poor people to live in a garage ad infinitum.

And still the Spanish enforce their laws as and when they feel like it or as the private “pay deal” suits them. There is no consistency despite their protestations that they need to enforce the laws rigorously, ignoring the fact that they approved of what was going on wholesale in the region for a number of year (through their decision not to act and enforce their own laws) and are culpable for the mess.

Common sense, accountability and justice don’t come into it. It’s a case of the sun having gone to the Spanish authorities heads!

UBEDA, you try suing the regional government, all they will do is the typical Spanish thing and blame someone else and the situation will end in farce and an eternal, pass the buck, merry-go-round of accusation and counter accusation, never to be resolved.

At the end of the day, the Priors need compensation and closure so that they can rebuild their lives.