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Fuengi (Andrew)

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Surely it is a public duty to name these thieving crooks if they are still trading.

If the person who was wronged wants to give his story to mark, or whomever then yes. But look what happened with a certain company that should not be named.

I realise that Fuengi, but this is why these scumbags get away with blue murder. If anyone dares to name them, they threaten legal action. Where is the justice in that? It just allows the “merry-go-round” of corruption to continue.

Hi Claire,

I agree. But the person should be able to prove how he was harmed. With proof it can be published.

But maybe the harmed party can take legal action?

The attorney must strictly follow the donor’s instructions and is forbidden to act beyond the powers given in the power of attorney. The attorney also has the obligation to render accounts to the donor and to pay to the donor any amounts given to him by virtue of the power of attorney.

The attorney would be responsible for any damages suffered by the donor as a result of the attorney’s negligence.

Sometimes powers of attorney include substitution clauses by which the attorney has the power to appoint a replacement to exercise any or all of the powers given to him by the donor. The donor can ask the authorising notary to remove such clause if he wishes, particularly if he wishes the individual attorney to act on his behalf.