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I´m firmly in your camp. That said I don´t think 50k for a 80 sq meter, two bed on the coast is ever again going to be seen. What I do think is that (asking) prices of circa 2-2.5k per m sq, which is what I´m currently seeing on the CDS, are ridiculous.

It seems that some properties that are shifting although, by all measures volumes are very low. Those that are are realistically priced, as per the example in Fuengi´s earlier post. My own feeling is that it is only when the majority of vendors pass the denial stage and start pricing their properties realistically that we will see some normality in the market.

In the meantime I, as one of those ´lifestyle´ purchasers, am keeping my money tucked away. As no doubt are many others.

I think the wait for a good property on the coast at €50K will be a long one. However, I agree that at some point something will have to give and some good bargains will be had. I think the crash will be uneven and that is why I think it wise to be flexible on location and even which country you wish to live in.