Reply To: Paradise lost II



Mike, I should add that I looked at Brazil recently as one of my sisters lives there. The north coast areas (Natal, Salvador) are stunning. Tropical climate, largely unspoilt, friendly people, prices of everything a fraction of those in Europe. You can buy a spacious beachfront villa for under 50k euro.
You get a real sense that the market there will boom over the next 10 years or so. I think capital gains of 10-15% per year are certainly achievable.

What put me off was two things:

– It is incredibly difficult to get money back out of the country. This is never mentioned by those that are selling property but is a fact. The last house sale my sister was involved in the real money changed hands in Ireland. Only a token amount was swapped in Brazil.

– Health care availability and cost. I´m pushing fifty and now have to be aware of such things.