Reply To: Paradise lost II



Hello Katy:
I don’t smoke,…(Well, I do sometimes in the weekends nights…)
I only drink outside of home, or inviting friends to home.
I drink sangria in summer, it’s becoming fashion (Good marketing?)… is a barrel sangria (only about 4º or 5º ) very refreshing, not too sweat, not too heavy, not too much gas,…I found it quiet nice for star the weekend nights or as a soft drink…I really don’t drink too much.
Yesterday night I was with a friend and we take a couple each, you know how hot is the summer here,…and that was the price.
But that was not the point I tried to explain,…I could post the price of a cinema ticket, a beer or any thing that really is not necessary and it’s not real expensive…I tried to explain that a property for 50K is not real…I hope I have explain my point…anyway the prices for VPO (protected houses for low income people) are public, and are much more expensive than that.