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Chris M

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Spains many faults are well documented now, and after my experience I would say don’t touch it with a bargepole. I know many have faired much better, but until they sort out the overbuilds, the poor quality, the corruption/lack of regulation etc, then I don’t feel Spain deserves a recovery. As for justice, well just prey you don’t need it!! The laws might be there, but far to often are just not implemented and far to many are left high and dry at the hands of a toothless or corrupt justice system. At least buyers now are far better informed, but that could be a double edged sword without very overdue change.

I can’t say anything about your experience Goodsitch, it is so unfair, it is so wrong and you are a victim of a collection of circumstances that have thus far been completely against you.

But as you say, many have fared much better, and I know many people not just in property terms who have found the system and laws here to have been completely in their favour.

I have also heard of awful mis-selling, lost deposits and properties in the whole buy to let field in the UK and people without much recourse there.

Goodness knows what those people who were so well heeled and assured of their investments in Madoff feel in terms of the justice and financial regulatory system in the oft lauded USA.

Your view is entirely understandable, and I hope it will be addressed in due course, but I do think, that better times are ahead and I can’t help but be positive about the future.