Reply To: Paradise Lost



To Russ W:
I just tried to broken so many stereotypes,…that are making to too many English take the wrong decisions.
Helping people is great, and people should be proud doing this, but should be doing from a real side,…in other case at the same time you are helping, you are damaging another people interests and giving wrong information.
I tried to help, I have already said that the only possibility is a Collaboration aptitude and real information. The most dangerous thing is not ignorance,…but wrong information.
Most of the Spaniards when listening some of that absurd stereotypes,…just will replay,…YES. It’s the easer answer.
I don’t have any hidden agenda, Why should I hide anything?.

As I have said this is my first experience in a forum, I read the rules of the forum but perhaps there are some rules that I don’t know…

These rude people (in my opinion) should know, that we mostly don’t care about “the gold eggs goose”, have a huge sanitary cost, looks to be quite unfair and rude, and don’t give gold eggs…So, Yes there is plenty of countries under the sun…between 40ºN (near New York) to 40ºS (near Sidney) is most of the world.

You all are welcome to Spain, but you should be more friendly.
In some rates UK is better than Spain; in another’s not. Spain It’s not a bad place… at the end that’s why so many Brits have chosen Spain…

Finally I respect you,…and because you looks to be quite balanced… I will take your advice…I will try to stop to post in the forum (I never though I will get so much involved).
My regards.