Reply To: Paradise lost II



Lennox, no chopping off hands in the Emirates, just banged up for a very long time, the sentence nearly always accompanied by 100 lashes or so. There are a few directors in Spain I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen to.
The men who do the lashes (it’s always a man, even if the person being lashed is a woman) are supposed to hold a Koran under their upper arm to prevent them being able to raise their arm too high, but they rarely do.

The Dubai Palm Island is being constructed by Nakheel which is a state-owned company – which is tantamount to saying it’s owned by the ruling family of Dubai. I wouldn’t relish attempting taking this company to court over unacceptable workmanship, delays as per contract etc.

Example of justice when I worked out there during the 80’s. A friend of mine was tootling along a deserted main road on the outskirts of Dubai when a ‘local’ (some distant cousin of the Royal Family) shot out of a side street without stopping/looking and crashed into my friend’s car. It went to court and needless to say the result was my friend was found guilty.
Arabic logic/reason for ruling: If my friend hadn’t been there at the time, the accident wouldn’t have happened, so it was his fault.

Think I almost prefer Spanish justice.