Reply To: Aifos seeks protection from creditors



I know it looks pretty bleak for you, and I perfectly understand your rage. I would feel exactly the same. I don’t think you are over-negative about Spain given your experience, though of course many others have had a better experience. I’m familiar with your case and I know you are 100% the innocent victim. You have all my sympathy, though I know that is little consolation.

Difficult to know what to do now. When a company goes into court administration it’s not game over, though it does make life for creditors like you more complicated, and often ends in liquidation. I know it is disheartening, but I guess you shouldn’t give up. I suppose you have to join the queue of creditors, which means more legal fighting and bills. But at least that means you are still in with a claim, and might get something back one day. You’ll have to go with what your lawyers suggest, if you trust them.

Good luck