Reply To: Aifos seeks protection from creditors




following 7 years of fighting for justice, our court case 3 months ago has still not been decided on, and the judge has now gone on holiday until September, so I guess from reading your post that’s it for us. Short of a miracle we are finished?

If you feel some of us are over negative about Spain I would remind yourself of this. Yes we were swindled by a UK agent and a UK conveyancing company and one Spanish lawyer and of course the developer. The biggest swindler though?, well it has to be the system that allows a judge to take a minimum of six months to pass judgement on a very clear cut case against a roque developer who is court several times a week for fraud, corruption and the like as you know.

I am so angry and disgusted with this. After all this time and money we have been most let down by the very people who’s job it is to serve justice on those so clearly cheated. To say the system stinks is a massive understatement!