Reply To: Paradise Lost



As I said I don’t want to enter in any discussion.

Charlie wrote:
Trying to take an agent or developer to court is ‘messy’ and complicated with many areas to dispute, and has never been done to my knowledge”

To my knowledge it happen continuously… “Did you hear the one about the impoverished pensioner who got a block of flats as compensation when his developer didn’t deliver on time?…”( July 20, 2009 by SPI news ).

Charlie wrote:
We would love to have taken our original lawyer to court but couldn’t find a lawyer prepared to bring a case. And the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados didn’t want to know

If you really want to take action against your lawyer, 100% you can do it….if the local lawyers don’t want to go against their partner, you should go to another place to look for that lawyer…It is more expensive because you will need to pay transport and hotels, but it will work 100%…

The “Ilustre Colegio de Abogados” is an institution that is paid for the lawyers, it Works for the lawyers,…is as you go to a “worker syndicate” to take action against your workers,…???

I don’t want to enter in any discussion, I already give up…because:

In my opinion … ONLY MY OPINION ….It doesn’t matter, if you read it or not,…nothing will change…you don’t need arguments…you have already received a lot…
How can I change your mind if you neither believe your own happy experience?.
You always will be in your unfair Topics,…and really I don’t care?. It’s you problem, not mine.

In my opinion … ONLY MY OPINION …”You, Claire, Katy,and others (Your club) are very rude and unfair in your comments about Spain”.

In my opinion… ONLY MY OPINION …”your very , very, very heavy sentences are supported by very. very, very light arguments or any”.

In my opinion … ONLY MY OPINION … Your group looks to find an especial pleasure in doing this…It ´s OK. I don’t care,but it is embarrassing to me,…and I will prefer to look to other side.