Reply To: closed auction



Yes I do have property for sale, and hopefully one day they will all sell, I am only a small time private investor, and as such have limited funds, thats exactly why this unique buying process appeals to me. BUT PLEASE GIVE SOME CREDIT ! I would not risk my hard earned money on any buying process, that cannot be verified as 100% legal and safe. Catty remarks serve no useful purpose here. These people bend over backwards to point out this process will not suit everybody, as far as I can deduce, there are no pushy salesmen involved in this system, I have only encountered professional advice, which, by the way,included the suggestion, that I check out the legal bona fides of the lawyer practise involved in the court procedure, which I have just done via my own Spanish lawyer, (you could do the same) I think this innovative method could well help in getting the mountain of mortgage debt down to a manageable level, which means the banks can start lending again (though hopefully sensibly this time)