Reply To: Paradise Lost – Reaction


I wonder what would happen if all the people who have purchased happily in Spain or enjoy life here all started to post on this forum. Do you think you would be able to find the posts from those who have had bad experiences. How many expats in Spain? Are they ALL angry and hate Spain?

I am very much in favour of people expressing opinions and writing about bad experiences if it is going to help other people avoid the pitfalls abd being ripped off but it seems to me that such posts here are from that.

They force opinions down peoples throats, jump all over anyone that actually has any positive things to say about Spain and most are just outright rude and abusive.

Debate is good so long as points are put across in a constructive manner.

Saying things like ‘spain is full of crooks and the entire goverment are corrupt ‘ or words to that effect help nobody. Fine tell us your story, warn others and answer questions anyone has about it on the forum. THAT is being helpful.