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@Claire wrote:

My husband is a Chartered Accountant. Having worked for KPMG both in London and Paris I can assure you Hinge I know MANY Chartered Accountants, and not one is as idiotic as Thornton. I’m guessing he’s well past working age. I’m putting his posts down to senile dementia! :lol I can’t be bothered reading your drivel. You are a mere disruptive , irritation to the forum but it’s survived worse.
You are absolutely right on one thing tho’. I couldn’t name Tom & Jerry characters,( other than Tom & Jerry.Thanks for the clue). Shaun the Sheep is more my scene 😆

I swear, you get worse 😛 . If Shaun the Sheep is more your scene, perhaps you should re-watch ‘The wrong Trousers’.