Reply To: Paradise Lost – Reaction


@pj wrote:

They force opinions down peoples throats, jump all over anyone that actually has any positive things to say about Spain and most are just outright rude and abusive.

Hi PJ –
I see where you are coming from in your post but your opinion is very much from one side of the fence.
Have you not seen, especially recently, how we have to suffer sometimes the most revolting abuse – being called on a regular basis names like idiots, morons, brains left behind etc. etc. We’re even mocked for our ‘stupidity’ at being conned. I feel your post would have been better if it mentioned both sides when it comes to rudeness and abuse – it works two ways.

At least when we ‘have a go’, our words are usually aimed at the corrupt officials, developers, lawyers etc. and not at members.
The only time we respond directly to members in a negative way are when they initiate a ‘negative’ debate with name-calling.

Do you not find the likes of Hinge and Thornton “outright rude and abusive” to quote your words? This is why I treated Hinge’s thread with the contempt it deserved. I was surprised you didn’t give them a mention or are you too ensconsed on your side of the fence?

As for the happy bunnies not posting here, this has been discussed in the past many times before. It’s just fact that the majority have no need to waste all those sunny days on forums if they have no problems to contend with.