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@alanrthornton wrote:

very well put mary hinge.
but all the time you have people like tweedle dee and tweedle dum and there cohorts making there comments, this site has become near on useless.its a very good point that we should look at the good spain has to offer. help each other and do not become negative, with a negative attitude.

Sorry, I was taking the absolute piss out of her, lets face facts she’s got money, she needs dental work, that said I did quite like the way she came across, she wasn’t stuck up, she was flogging top end dreams and was more than happy to admit it.

Unfortunately the program (Paradise Lost) was total shambles, I don’t see what two people buying a crap greasy spoon has to do with Spain as a whole, that business venture was always going to struggle, recession or not and the hairdresser set up, whats that got to price of fish?, you couldn’t infer anything from that, its plays like a bad(good?) episode of ‘The Office’.

I agree though this site is useless, its no good having a site that is all one way traffic, this site is not in the least bit useful, I wouldn’t read this site if I was considering buying property, its like reading The Sun newspaper for stock market information. Most of the information is worse than useless. I’ve largely completely given up on this section of the forum to be honest, doubt whether most people on here have much to do with Spain.