Reply To: GBP rally could help a lot of expats.

Chris M

@charlie wrote:

As far as joining the Euro is concerned, haven’t you read the latest statement from our new political dictator (sorry…..’reformer’):

Am going to get shot for this, I just know it, but I can’t stop myself…

I actually like Mandelson.

I find that he is a real get it done kind of guy.

He was amazing in Europe.

He is doing a helluva job now, even giving Brown and Labour both a chance at the next election, don’t forget the Tories need what an almost 6% swing by next year, and a lot can happen in a year.

And please help me cos am going to get shot for this too..

I think he is right about the Euro, at some point we have to go in, and we will go in, and it will work for us.

Now I really feel I am out there shivering in the cold with no clothes… not a pretty sight!

But just can’t help it, I think he might just be the best Prime Minister we never had, but I bet he makes it to Foreign Secretary.

Am hopping about now to see if I can dodge the flak, or does anyone else rate him?