Reply To: Diary of a vendor!


Hello Brian_li
Sadly people see .Prices fell by 20% and are going to fall by another 40%and don’t allow that this may not apply to all areas.
How can Spain ever have a real value to predict falls when the black money is so evident Every deal is different .Areas are different. Exchange rates are a factor that even if you say prices will drop by 20% in the next year it could be wiped out by this one single factor.
Many cant declare what they paid so they have a possible problem when they sell.
Interesting. I think we both clearly see where each other are coming from.
Your are clearly doing your figures but figures will always be historical and based on these figures predications are made. When your figures match the returns of investment which we should all follow you may well have missed the boat .I am talking capital growth. When to jump ? That’s one we would all want answered but by then you are one of the sheep.
Life are full of gambles and often gut feelings after all research is done are where money is made or indeed lost.
Would I generally buy in Spain now ? Generally I would say no and I would tell others not to do so. Unless they were very clued up, specific in an area and had a trusted agent on the ground finding me that deal.
IF the exchange rate was favourable then on a 3 to 5 years I would take the punt.10 Years very good.
Clearly the time is not right for you to buy and indeed your figures may be right. The problem I have are these figures are so often wrong .
This government could be forced to call an election next month and Mr Browns Euro vision may very well effect things either way.
The way I look at it. If you have bought then make the most of it. If your thinking of buying like I see one member just has after much homework(well done) If you playing the waiting game then fine None of us will know who is right now as it will all be history a year from now.
Good luck whatever people decide and IF you buy then take heed of all the warnings posted on the forums as while they may or may not represent a small majority never think it wont be you.
P.S by the time is gets to the window display its often much to late.
Often thats for chancers but I have the feeling you know that already.