Reply To: Diary of a vendor!


Brian _li
Thank you.
It appears that even the slightest mention of any upturn is not welcome by a few which is very understandable.
Perhaps I need to clarify. Out of the 1.5 million unsold properties there will be a small percentage( a handful)in the bigger picture being in the right location at the right price and at the right exchange rate.
Buy and in the medium to long term you will win.
I can only put forward observations based on one sector in Spain and that’s the Costa del Sol.
Look for areas that have everything going for it often being the sought after areas before the crash. This is not rocket science its just when to make the call.
How does the value stack up against less desirable areas which were achieving similar prices in the peak. That will be the big losers and price falls we will here about. It will be averaged out of course as some will end up with worthless properties or in real value what they should have paid at the time.
In those areas which are caught up in the generalisation of how far the market may fall say for instance 40% /50% will need to dream on.
I am not talking about the £99 trips here just doing some homework because as we know its not what you sell for its what you buy for and in property its location ,location ,location. Always has been always will be
As with your situation ( well done) you perhaps can see where I am coming from.
Tend to agree with Mr McCarthy and some may well take heed in what he is saying. (I am not an agent)!
Who is right Who is Wrong. Does it matter ?
Who is looking to buy property and who has bought property. Does it matter?
Who doesn’t have property in Spain and who would never buy in Spain. Does it matter.
Collectively perhaps people should be able to put forward views, both positive and negative. Help and advice both positive and negative.
Perhaps the one up man ship plays a part but what can this really achieve in what is supposed to be an Insight into The Spanish Property Market. ALL SECTORS.
As someone has just posted Room For All.
Hopefully I have posted enough negatives within this post to keep everyone happy.
As the last poster has summed it perfectly. Buyers can wait?
Sellers of prime located property can wait. Find the one that cant or it will pass by in a wink.
Reality most that are thinking of buying including posters or just read the forums and media news will not buy when the time is right.
By then it will be history.