Reply To: Diary of a vendor!



Hi Flossmichael

I chose the area because I looked at Javea/Denia but really thought it was over British and not very Spanish (though I remember Javea from when I was here in 1986 and it was a lovely little fishing town then)

THis area, when I first came here, had little or no traffic, more parking than cars (much more) loads of bars in relation to the population (I believe it is one bar for every 167 residents) and was very Spanish.

I chose Piles over Oliva because it is so much smaller, the people were really friendly here and seemed to be stuck in a time warp from the 60´s (it hasnt changed a huge amount since)

I live 200M from the beach in a 120M apartment which I have opened out – my front room is as large as many apartments they are building and the apartment has really high ceilings, is very light and airy and I fell in love with it when I first saw it. The price wasnt bad either (9.5M ptas or about €57,000 euros.)

I believe I made the right choice even though I saw the best part of 50 properties (lots of rubbish) and this one really needed a vision as it was loads of rooms when I bought it with nearly a third of the place corridors – really. I recovered about 25M of space just by knocking down irrelevant walls and opening two rooms into one.

Still love the place and love the town, though the mentality is very parochial, I guess thats also its charm

Compared to Oliva it is a world apart

Hope that helps