Reply To: Uniited Golf, Bronchus Promotions New Snagging Rules


Having looked at this I have discovered that the situation may be even worse with the inclusion of another clause in their completion paperwork which actually states they can have third party inspect the property but they now wish to ignore

If a client wishes a third party to visit the property on their behalf they are requested to notify the “After Sales” department of this in writing. Should United Golf Resorts be requested to open a property for a third party to snag the property it must be noted, due to security measures, our procedures and workload, we will be unable to accommodate re-opening the property for the third party to revisit the property on other occasions.

Please be advised United Golf Resorts will only accept one snag list for a property.

Should a client or their representative present a further list of works, not mentioned of their original list, it will be the decision of the “Technical” department whether they attend to these additional items.

What is normal, especially as some developers will not allow any inspections is that a buyer has 15 days, after completion in whch to check the property and submit a new list as it is often when you start using a property do you discover defects

The other problem is that it is common that a builder will create additional new defects while repairing the original list so with this developer and the clause there is no way to guarantee that these will be repaired as the clause allows the bulder to repair whatever they choose