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@katy wrote:

Well I live in Elviria too and most of it is unspoilt. My garden leads direct into open country, protected pine and cork forest. Few minutes to the (probably) best beach in the whole of the CDS. Around here there are many small lanes that have just bungalows leading to the beach, so unspoilt that there is no paseo (promenade).

I see foxes, boar, a stork comes daily. A nightingale sings sweetly all through the night. We are minutes from everything including marbella centre. Yes, most of the coast is crap but there are still some nice places, some I probably don’t know about and I have lived here a long time.

Well, I live in Wirral (not by choice, work-force-related) and it seems similar to Elviria… We have seaview, a nice beach about 2 minute drive or a mediocre one in front of our house. We have protected areas and exceptional schools.

The only big difference is that it rains much more and is quite cold about 9 months per year. 😀