Reply To: Lawyer must pay back fees.


Manzanares, your post is of course agreeable in that we all know that there ARE good lawyers out there. How do you know a good one from a bad one? We thought we were dealing with an HONEST couldn’t be further from the truth. We were/are not the only ones to be badly affected by this company. Indeed this particular lawyer was apparently”suspended” by the Collegio at one time, but he did what he does best…stuck two fingers up and carried on as normal.
It would give us all a great deal more confidence if the Collegio de Abogados used their teeth and bought all of these corrupt lawyers to book and struck them off. That way, the decent and honourable Law firms would remain and would not get tarred with the same brush by default. Why don’t all you “good” guys talk to the Collegios? You are best placed to make a difference.
We wrote to the Collegio (Malaga) about our complaint, in Spanish as requested, and they called this lawyer into a meeting with our (excellent) Spanish Lawyer present. He failed to attend…the Collegio did NOTHING! Next an arbitration meeting was sent to him to be heard by a Judge but not in Court, with our Lawyer present….AGAIN he failed to attend! We then took the action of suing him through the Court. He was found guilty of witholding our money and failing in his duties. Now, he has appealed. How very honourable!!
Until some action is taken against these bad law firms, and with expedience, then I fear confidence in Spanish justice will not be attained. I am staggered that it is possible to appeal such a case as ours.

I have been very careful not to “name & shame” this company myself in this thread. But I agree, they should be.