Reply To: Crime in Spain


A 25 year old was found dead (throat cut) in Calahonda yesterday A few days ago a British man was stabbed in Estepona.

Some years ago our previous house shared a quiet lane in marbella with just one other house. The house had been deserted for years, owned by a Kuwati whos never came back after the Gulf war! Outside the gate was overgrown by weeds, my Husband said the weeds were trampled and he had a feeling someone was living there. I called the police and explained that I wasn’t certain, within minutes 3 Police cars screamed up like a USA film. There was a couple squatting, Gypsy types who came from Cadiz to pick the pine cones. he woman they threw her on to the floor and her belongings on top of her…I was quite upset, almost wished I hadn’t bothered. This was in the time of Mayor Gil and he was tough on Policing. They do say now the Police on the CDS will not attend break-ins on holiday complexes as there are so many. Marbella does regular Police patrols during the night.