Reply To: South Africa / Best of Rest versus Spain…

Chris M

I actually don’t necessarily want to present Spain as the place to buy, that is not my intention here, I was hugely taken with SA and part of me wondered why anyone would buy in Spain when they could buy there.

But I realised over a period of reflection that for many factors I wouldn’t, I just couldn’t so I am asking does that apply also to other areas.

I get what you say about other areas of the USA, absolutely stunning, I don’t like Vegas myself but the drive routes and areas, spot on, but would you live or own a home in those areas there over Spain?

Or New York, oh my goodness what a place, what an experience, but it is not really up for comparison in this scenario, nor would London or Paris be either.

This is Spanish Property Insight, and mainly holiday home or move to the sun ownership for lifestyle fulfillment and by heck we know that a helluva lot of things have gone wrong with property in Spain, yet what compares?

Where else to go? What else pertains when you go?

But France is interesting…