Reply To: South Africa / Best of Rest versus Spain…


Chris M

Is anyone going to stand up and say Florida?

I was there a couple of years ago, as a family we thought Disney and the Orlando area was the pits unfortunately, the whole place was as flat as a pancake, featureless developments all looking the same and so many back yards covered in netting to the keep the mosquitos out.

Miami was actually a bit terrifying with Coconut Grove and its expensive restaurants with one we were dining in being but an alleyway distance from the ghetto, where one poor woman had been raped several times the night before.

I love Americans, just spent a weeks golfing trip with 10 of them in Sotogrande, (actually they raved about the CDS whilst here) I have worked with many of them and had a partner for 10 years who was American, but…

I love North Carolina and its woods, country clubs, clapperboard houses and charm, but as a weeks golfing holiday, jeeze I couldn’t live there, it is a cultural void…

And well in Spain we just don’t do Hurricanes do we? We don’t do Cyclones, Twisters and Huge Floods do we? We also have some crime but not like America, we don’t do murders and hold ups in convenience stores, you feel are safe to walk the streets late into the night are you not?

We don’t do jet lag either? We probably believe it or not have a more stable real estate market as well.

So, it looks like no to SA and not to the USA for me, and I am with Brian on Brazil, and I don’t think anyone is going to come on here and rave about Cape Verde, Bulgaria, Rumania or any of the other absolutely stupid list of top overseas destinations that Channel Four dedicated a night to a year or so back.

It is perhaps not looking so bad…

What about Thailand… Bali… Malaysia…?