Reply To: South Africa / Best of Rest versus Spain…



Having travelled a fair amount in my lifetime, there are many places that I have loved to visit. India in particular. But when it comes to somewhere to spend the best part of my later years, I have to say that the total package of Spain takes some beating.

Approx 2 hours flight from the UK, and more importantly having a daughter who is terrified of flying, two days drive from the UK (2 x 10 hrs). Winters that when in the sun, feel like a UK summer and being able to eat lunch outside in Feb. (sometimes) makes you feel like you are cheating a little.

That said, in the summer the UK takes some beating (all 2 weeks of it ) 😉 and I would always want to maintain a property there of some size.

The Spanish people in general are remarkably welcoming and tolerant, and the language is lovely. Being based on Latin it is far closer to English than most people realise.
That mixed with being a stable country (a lot are not) and not too prone to major earthquake damage (That put me off Turkey) I think I have made the right choice.

The Banks drive me mad, but the UK is catching up fast, and at least you have some form of guarantee that you might see your money again.