Reply To: South Africa / Best of Rest versus Spain…



Interesting đŸ™‚ Due to my love/hate relationship with Spain, I (we) have looked at many other countries. South Africa, (and other parts of Africa) are amazing, on the surface much better than Spain. The political situation is not stable, many think the country will go the same way as Zimbawbe. I am sure you know Chris that many S. Africans have moved to the CDS. We lived in Zaire for two years (now republic of Congo), loved it but investing and doing business there….forget it.

We even had a look at Panama, it’s a dump đŸ˜† Barbados is great but there is not a lot of house for your money and food etc is expensive. Belize the jury is still out. Suppose the problem being with all the nicer unspoilt places is (aside from the political instability) they are too far away to pop back to the UK for a bit of culture.

My favourite would always be the USA for property and cost of living, drawback is the visa/green card problem.

When looking around I suppose Spain despite it’s many faults ticks most of the boxes. Life is always about compromises, I suppose.