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I just called them up to explain further – its 5% commission and apparently 1000E for the “refundable” marketing charge. so assume average house is around 400,000 at 5% = thats 20,000 euros commisson …. PLUS they would like us to pay in advance for their magazine and website 😈 😈 😈

I wonder how many people will go for this, not only are they making 20,000 which they split – or give – to the other agent???? so we pay this 1000E charge in advance to basically run the company?

Does anyone know if its a “real” company with staff and salesmen or just a call center with a website.

Sorry Inez but can’t agree that this sort of marketing shows faith in the market turning around. I’m more with the other view that its just a get rich quick scheme for the people behind the company.

I’d feel a lot more confident if a salesman came around and evaluated the house before all this talk of pay FIRST and then we’ll come round and photograph it for our website.

Are people so desperate to sell and so ignorant that they will pay some sharks tens of thousands of Euros to put their property on their webpage??????

What’s wrong with or surinenglish? They don’t cost almost anything…