Reply To: Are there really many people doing this?



How on earth the DWP will cope if people actually ring this number and report people is beyond me…they seem completely incapable of doing what jobs they are mean to at the moment!

When we moved here, I informed child tax credits that we were moving abroad and was incorrectly told that we could continue to receive CTC…eventually they wrote saying we should not have received anything and demanded more money than they had paid us back so I was told to dispute this…and 2 years later I am still waiting for a response from them!

Every time I ring I get told they will escalate the case and someone will ring back in 15 days…which has yet to happen, they must live in a time warp!!

So even when you try to do whats right, it often seems that what you say is ignored or you are given the wrong advise, good preparation for moving to Spain where civil servants are specially trained in telling you a different thing every time you speak to them!!! cynical mood today, it must be the rain!