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@Fuengi wrote:

not so much that it was confusing, I just took an extreme dislike to the developments.

A self enclosed development that contributes nothing whatsoever to the surroundings. Whereas we can all criticise certain aspects of the building boom at least most of the building created stakeholders in the local community and allowed for the new home owners to contribute/add to the local culture. Polaris world does none of that.

No different from those resort hotels where people visit, stay within the hotel for the full holiday then go back home. argh

(bit of a generalisation i know, just personal opinion)

Mmmm not so sure about enclosed and not contributing Fuengi, the Spanish businesses around the PW resorts have done very well out of the British owners there.

Los Alcazares/Balsicas/Valle del Sol etc have grown very rich from the Polaris owners buying air-con, furniture, plants, building extenions, pools, spa’s, and every other kind of purchase.

I have seen peasant bar owners acquire Mercedes SL500’s, shoddy domestic appliance shops extend into large warehouses and everything else in between.

That doesn’t take into account the 7% purchase tax that the government have taken on 20,000 properties or the local lawyers, banks and accountants who help many of the Polaris World owners set up homes and businesses.

In my local venta on Sunday mornings where I stop for a coffee and cognac before my cycle ride, the locals always ask me “when Los Ingleses will come back”? They don’t mean the people, they mean sterling!!