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@OliverB wrote:

I was apalled to learn of two families who live on our development who were (until recently) living in Spain and claiming benefits.
They re visited UK around every 6 months for interviews about their claims. They apparently used relatives’ addresses for residence/postal purposes. I understand that one family has now gone back to UK and one, has had benefits withdrawn on being “found out”.

Having dealt with many cases of benefit fraud at one stage of my career – I am not surprised that this is happening and suspect it may be happening in places other than the Costas.

If they were on Job Seekers Allowance then they would need to attend fortnightly job search interviews so having to visit the UK every 6 months suggests that they are on incapacity benefit. It would be rather wasteful to expect such people to return to the UK every couple of weeks, six months sounds reasonable. It saves the expense of the flights and the cost of the interviewer simply to confirm that a long term ailment is still long term.

You must also be aware of the malicious intent of some who point fingers at other people. As few expats in Spain like to boast of their wealth (imagine what their Spanish friends would think) this leaves them open to gossip that I have heard some people enjoy, whether accurate or not.