Reply To: Costa crisis.


Fuengi (Andrew)

funny thing is, the writer contacted us last week while on the Costa del Sol asking if we knew any expats who were going to have their houses repossessed or were in dire straights and had to return to the UK.

I told him honestly that we knew a few that were struggling, but nothing as bad as he was looking for. He even said he was having a hard time finding anything particularly interesting.

and just a few points about hte article:
that bloke who bought hte house in nueva andalucia would not be able to see the atlas mountains, but the rif mountains.

Friar Tuck should be open most of the day. Its a restaurant. Maybe they hsould cater to more than just the few brits that live in Fuengirola or just the biritsh tourist market? and 7.5 for ‘fish and chips’ is expensive.

oh and the comment:
‘I know two people who’ve just locked up and gone, losing everything they invested – tens of thousands of pounds.

yes it is true. But also many people are looking for businesses yet many leaseholders won’t accept offers because “I invested X in this bar/restaurant/etc”. Yet they are behind on the rent and are only going to be able to stay open another 2 weeks (for example). Boggles the mind.