Reply To: Tax blow for holiday home owners



Nulabour in NOT a socialist party, its policies are identical to the Conservatives – boasting house prices/economy to get re-elected is a Tory classic. When the Tories get back in they will pursue the same policies and having a Tory government since 1997 would have us in the same position as we are now.

Rubbish, Blair and Brown misgovernments were more socialist than any other, spend, spend, spend, was/is their mantra. Atlee, Wilson, Sunny Jim all did the same, result Britain left bankcrupt. Where they have been very clever is to give themeselves a bedrock support of 25% in elections , by throwing money at promiscuous mothers, benefit fraudsters, immigrants members of quangoes and pen pushing civil servants etc etc there is n´t space to write the full listThe same has happened in Spain with unemployment now 4,01million or 19% of the working population
Last year Spain lost 1million jobs in industry , but guess what? A total of 160,000 jobs were created for pen pushers . Is it any surprise the world economy is in the ****?

The British economy was in great shape in 1997, when the two clowns took over the disaster of Black Wednesday had passed and for two years Blair/Brown continued Ken Clarke´s Tory policies, then they applied their own policies and we now see the result.

I attach a quote by Groucho Marx,not related to Karl by the way,

“Politics is the art of looking for trouble,finding it everywhere,diagnosing it incorrectly and then applying the wrong remedies”.(Groucho Marx)

Blair and Brown certainly followed these lines to the letter.