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I said almost peak. 2004 was already 2+ times more than at the bottom of the trough in the 90’s. Between 2004 and 2006 the increases were negligible.

Flosmichael not going to argue with you, not much point.

I can only go by personal experience.

You said an increase from 160K (2004) to 175K (2006). This is 9%, not much.

if id did i apologise. in 2004 130K.

And i might misunderstand, when i refer to peak i mean that prices reach the highest price they were selling, or better the highest price people were willing to pay.

Sorry, it was my mistake. You indeed said 130K in 2004. Then a 30% increase in 2 years was huge, poor souls the ones who bought in 2006…

Anyway, you know much better than me the situation. From afar, I consider
that to pay now a 2004 price is way too much, considering that many properties had a 30% reduction only in the last 12 months. But I do not know the circumstances so maybe the buyer was lucky to buy the property of his dreams.